Super Sports Sunday

INDvsPAK matches are Legendary.

Especially if it is of the cricket variety. Today it is cricket and hockey!


I have a check – list for such huge state-of-the-art matches

1) My lucky Pom-poms – check

2) The absolutely same brand of chips and dip to serve – check

3) My two rugrats dressed up in the Indian colours – double check

Now bring on the big game!

We are ready.






Dressing up.

My son loves to play dress up.

Since he was a baby he would sit excitedly with me while we decided what he could be. Many times we made our own costumes or just improvised on what we had.

Ofcourse it didn’t always work the way we wanted and instead of looking like a Viking he looked like a bull with bad horns. But, the process was more important and we ALWAYS had fun.

And that is the point right?

Presenting the many faces of Master BlueBerry



Captain Stinky- Shoes the Pirate


Maverick- the Top Gun hunk


BlueWings – the pixie fairy


The great & powerful OZ – from my Wizard Of Oz production.


Larry the Luau guy



Master Dress up by name and Master Dressup by Nature.

Thats my boy 🙂



My boy has 2 best friends.

Sibling sisters who are our neighbors. Aameeya is 12 and Myrah is 8. Now, being girls they have taken both my children under their fine patronage and make sure they do everything they want them to do (and this works the other way around as well).

Now, my girl is is known to be a screamer and can resist any onslaught BUT my boy.. My sweet, sweet boy.

He is the real trooper


He sat patiently for this one whilst the girls played Beauty Palour on his self. And he rather enjoyed himself.

Statutary Warning: Do not try this at home.

These clips are diabolically hard to remove and a couple of them may linger on in your child’s hair for all eternity.


Now, doing my girls hair styles are more tedious. How to make her sit in one place for more than 30 seconds is the challenge.


Somehow we manage. It’s not always successful, but that’s all right. Any hair style looks cute on these little people.

So bring out the clips, the hair bands and the hair gizmos and go a little crazy with their hair styles.

You are not going to get many chances.

Birthday parties & more



So when both your children are born in the same month you do the only logical thing.

You have one birthday party!

Atleast until you can.

So we filled up a big red bus and took all of our friends to Narnia


We plucked veggies from the vegetable patch


We ate candies from the candy shoppe


We swam till we wrinkled up and became one with a prune

And we decorated the whole farm like it was our very own Wonderland.

T’was the best birthday ever!