Farm fresh veggies, making tacos, dog love & some fun STEM activities for the kids.


What should you do if you have a craving for tacos on a hot, summer afternoon?

Why! Just mosey on over to your vegetable garden, pluck some fresh vegetables – wiz up some fresh salsa, assemble the tacos and voila, they are good to eat!


Anyone who has been to India in summer knows how hot it can get, so we do our best to remain as cool as a cucumber. Rules are simple – Stay in the shade, pluck summer vegetables and make delectable food and drink lots of nimbu paani (lemonade)


It is of utmost importance to let the tired dog rest, even though he does not want to ( he DEFINITELY does not want to!) No one enjoys the farm more than this little mutt.


He even tried to make friends with a very suspicious cow, who could not understand, for the life of her, why this little runt was sniffing her and whining to be friends. By the end she just squatted him away with her big horns, but does our little guy give up? No he does not! We had to physically pick him up and take him away before he got seriously injured.


We also did some STEM activities for the kids. All we needed was a 1) A spoonful of washing liquid 2) A spoonful of basking soda 3) Red and yellow food colours 4) 30ml of vinegar and we had ourselves an exploding, erupting, active Volcano. Of course, be prepared to answer lots and lots and lots of questions regarding Volcanos and the what’s and why’s of them, but it’s a fairly simple experiment to do and it does help the children to learn.

We love our weekends at Narnia, and nothing proves it more than the photo below.

Dog Love at its best. ❤️