Goa Chillers!

Goa is a small, small state in India. Once a Portuguese colony, it is famous for its beautiful beaches, lovely Portuguese architecture, sea-side resorts and cheap alcohol. In short it is the perfect holiday destination for all of us who want a quick getaway.

We go once a year, as one of our closest friends owns a beautiful river touching Goanise house in the midst of a Goan fishing village.

Surrounded by quaint little fisherfolk homes, her house is an absolute delight, steeped in old world traditions and experiences. We even took the children for a boat ride where they saw fisher -men busy fishing, some hunting for oysters and clams and others just sitting with a hook, stick and some bait hoping to catch the evening meal.




Beach-side destinations are always a hit with kids of any age as it’s a holiday full of fun under the sun! We take along lots of extra clothes, loads of swimsuits and coverups, beach toys and sun block and we are ready to rock and roll!




While Goa is not an island – it has a very island vibe. Lots of beach side bars always playing music, kids running around and the best way to travel is to hire a scooter and get around from one beach to the other. While we hired a car and went around ( as it’s not safe to travel with children on a scooter) one mandatory bike ride with the children was a-given. The only way to get the feel of Goa is with the wind in your face and the sun shinning brightly down while you manoeuvre though the small lanes and see the world go lingering by.


We even went to see the Olive Ridley Turtle hatchery. While the turtles hatch late at night and we didn’t see anything during the day, it was a good experience for the children to visit the center and understand the importance of conservation.


So yes, a beach holiday can be a bit taxing ( as you have to have multiple baths during a day) but the extra effort you put in is completely worth it. It’s a complete family vacation, with something to do for everyone.

Now don’t stress about them getting bored, just pack your beach toys, sun block, a few beach games and book your next holiday to a fun beach side resort OR if you have a friend who owns a house in a tropical destination- even better! Happy holidaying my lovely peeps.


Author: littlemisspeggypandmasterblueberry

If I were a character in a book I would be either Alice or Elizabeth Bennet - depending on my mood.

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