Zazou our puppy comes Home

I am the first to admit – I’m eating humble pie.

I was not keen on getting a puppy. “Not keen” would be putting it mildly. My babies are still small and I have to admit the idea of another creature to be potty trained and looked after was not appealing AT ALL!

Zayne, Zoey & Zazou

BUT, boy was I wrong. Since Zazou has come home it all seems so natural, that we always had him as a part of our family, and he and the children have taken to each other better than I could have ever imagined.

Zayne sleeping with Zazou

Dogs emit a different kind of loving. One that no human can possibly imagine or replicate. This little creature has left his entire life and come home to us, and he instantly gives you all of his love and affection. Such unconditional love cannot a human give.

Zoey reading to a sleeping puppy

So if you have young kids, and are in two minds about getting a puppy here are a few suggestions:

1) Get a puppy only once your children are potty trained. A puppy is just a few step lower than a newborn in terms of maintenance. Also explain to your child how delicate and fragile a small puppy is. My daughter is very rough with Zazou and we have to constantly monitor her behaviour with him.

2) Make sure you are physically ready to stay up at night with the puppy. They get up every 4-5 hours at night and need to be fed and cleaned.

3) Get a good trainer, dog walker and vet. Once you have this in place it is not so difficult. Just be ready for a pup and the rest is quite easy-peasy-Japanesee.

Zazou loves to cuddle with Zoey

I have more visitors coming home to meet the pup than what I had with both my babies. People love dogs, and I can understand why. So if you are on the fence about this one, just take the plunge, it will be completely worth it.

So here’s to many thousands  of adventures with my three mutts! Sorry make that FOUR. The original muttling of them is definitely crazier than all of them combined 🙂 .

Doggy and his papa. I can see the resemblance.
Have to monitor Zoey as she can be rough with Zazou.