…and it’s a wrap!

Break a leg! – Theatrical slang meaning Good luck!

I can safely say that I am the luckiest teacher alive.


I have the most enthusiastic bunch of children. Be it my own kids or the ones that come to me for Drama Class. They indulge me my madness, and are equally invested in all my shananigans.

They went up on stage and gave it their ALL. They performed flawlessly (which is good) but more importantly they had a blast (much, much better)

Children need to be encouraged to be themselves, to go on stage and use this medium as a catalyst to express themselves. I’ve noticed that drama is an excellent medium for self expression and a cathartic one at that!

So motivate your little ones to be a part of a drama club, get evolved and enjoy the brilliance of being a part of a theatre production.

If they are not inclined towards acting they can help out in the other various departments. We made our own costumes, painted our props and all the children helped set up the stage. The entire process was done together and that is just as fun, if not more important than putting up the final show.

Stay tuned for our next production. A self written Christmas play with home made props and costumes.

Till we meet again remember this little gem..

” There’s no Business like Show Business”






Making props:Part Deux.


…and we go again. Making props!


The Caterpillar, The Mushroom                                   The Cheshire Cat’s costume                                      The Mad Tea party scene,                                          The Red Queen,                                                                    My little munchkins are “oh so keen”

we have so much to do                                                       Hearts, Hearts, Hearts – it’s much ado

Alice In Wonderland is so much fun                               But the work is a zillion into one                             Lets not worry too much though                             Our happy helpers are on the floor

Making props, Saving the day                                 Let’s all shout HipHip Hooray!