Making props…

Every year my drama class puts up an annual stage production. It’s a very exciting time for us as my class kids enjoy the entire process of production as much as they all love to be on stage.


This year for the production I have chosen my most favourite book of all time, Alice In Wonderland. So I put my kids to work and we have begun making the props.

Right now we are doing the backdrop and as I have absolutely no budget for Set Design my little helpers are saving the day. ( Useful tip: This is not child labour. It’s building character )


While my son is the Door Mouse in the play, my daughter has decided that she is going to help me direct and works closely with me on all departments.

Especially the dressing up part.


Stay tuned for more photos and information on this front …



Visiting my Grandmother.

I took the children to Shimla to meet my Grandmother who lives up in the hills. She may be 80 years of age but she has more oomph and style than any 20 year old I know.


Shimla is a hill station in India and it was a very popular holiday destination with the British pre 1947, when they colonised India. Steeped in history this little gem has retained its old world charm and I get a feeling of nostalgia every time I go a- visiting.


My mom’s father was a Major General in the Indian Army and every time I go to Shimla I am reminded of that amazing legacy one can only inherit, if you are lucky enough.


Both the babies were in such good spirits they didn’t trouble one bit. Infact it was quite the opposite. They were perfectly behaved and enjoyed the holiday with the kind of enthusiasm and excitement that comes within the territory of being a mother to a couple of highly energetic and sparkling toddlers.


The highlights of the trip for the children and for us were the daily treks to the Mall Road, binging on delicious softies, going on horse rides, seeing monkeys, and eating chocolate eclairs from a bakery that has been around since pre historic times (one that still manages to capture the taste of my childhood).


Needless to say it was an excellent holiday.


Oh! How we love the small joys of life.