Balls Pools & Balloons

Does your child have an unhealthy obsession with ball pools?!

Mine do!


My girl is one such mutt who will gravitate towards a ball pool even though I have told her repeatedly that they are nothing more than germ infested pits. But who can explain anything to a stubborn, strong willed child!

My son also loves them, but he listens and understands reason.


My daughter is another story all together.

She is fearless and jumps into them with such abandon you’d think it was Uncle Scrooge jumping into his pool of money.

Kiddie Birthday parties are where the real actions at! This week when we went “partying” my daughter sourced a balloon for herself quite easily. While she was the envy of many-a-children, her big brother looked at her balloon with so much love that she told him to hold on to her bright yellow one and then proceeded to conjure up a lovely blue one for him.


This story is not yet done, this little thing then guarded both the balloons for the entire duration of the party and made sure they didnt fall in to the evil clutches of the envious older boys who were intent on stealing hers and her big brothers balloons.

I have never been more prouder of her.

My son is a timid, soft hearted fellow, but my girl is a lioness and I have no doubt she will protect her older brother with the same grit she did those balloons for the rest of her life.

What more could a mother ask for.



Author: littlemisspeggypandmasterblueberry

If I were a character in a book I would be either Alice or Elizabeth Bennet - depending on my mood.

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