The many colours of the weekend



My children adore their grandparents. All four of them. But the bond my son has with my mother, his nani ( maternal grandmother in Hindi) is special. They have this relationship you read about in books and he proudly proclaims “mama, I love you and papa a lot but I love my nani the most”

So the first colour of the weekend was RED for LOVE ❤️ 





Water Water everywhere.

Water in the rain clouds, Water in the pool

Water in the small streams                                                                       My toy boat looks so cool.

It’s raining BLUE





The green.

Ah green.                                                                         Sight for sore eyes.

The hills are alive with the colour green and we cannot get enough. So many different shades and all so beautiful and surreal. It hardly takes any time for everything to turn from brown to green and while it may be elementary, it is no less enchanting.

The magic of GREEN





Author: littlemisspeggypandmasterblueberry

If I were a character in a book I would be either Alice or Elizabeth Bennet - depending on my mood.

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