Hair Nets: The new hair accessory you knew nothing about.

Over the weekend we visited our dear friend Shahruk’s bakery Puffs & Rolls in a small city near Bombay.

My kids are an enthusiastic bunch. Anything and everything gets them over-excited and it hardly takes any effort for them to fall into giggles. But this love affair was instant, the children could not help but fall in love with the smell and exhilarating feeling of being around things oh so delectable and utterly delicious.


It takes a very different kind of person not to love the smell of freshly baked bread and newly rolled out dougnuts.

Thankfully we ain’t that kind of people.


So we wore these über cool hair accessories, went for a Tour-De- Puffs & Rolls and ate and ate till we could eat no more.

…and then we ate some





Author: littlemisspeggypandmasterblueberry

If I were a character in a book I would be either Alice or Elizabeth Bennet - depending on my mood.

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