Balls Pools & Balloons

Does your child have an unhealthy obsession with ball pools?!

Mine do!


My girl is one such mutt who will gravitate towards a ball pool even though I have told her repeatedly that they are nothing more than germ infested pits. But who can explain anything to a stubborn, strong willed child!

My son also loves them, but he listens and understands reason.


My daughter is another story all together.

She is fearless and jumps into them with such abandon you’d think it was Uncle Scrooge jumping into his pool of money.

Kiddie Birthday parties are where the real actions at! This week when we went “partying” my daughter sourced a balloon for herself quite easily. While she was the envy of many-a-children, her big brother looked at her balloon with so much love that she told him to hold on to her bright yellow one and then proceeded to conjure up a lovely blue one for him.


This story is not yet done, this little thing then guarded both the balloons for the entire duration of the party and made sure they didnt fall in to the evil clutches of the envious older boys who were intent on stealing hers and her big brothers balloons.

I have never been more prouder of her.

My son is a timid, soft hearted fellow, but my girl is a lioness and I have no doubt she will protect her older brother with the same grit she did those balloons for the rest of her life.

What more could a mother ask for.



The many colours of the weekend



My children adore their grandparents. All four of them. But the bond my son has with my mother, his nani ( maternal grandmother in Hindi) is special. They have this relationship you read about in books and he proudly proclaims “mama, I love you and papa a lot but I love my nani the most”

So the first colour of the weekend was RED for LOVE ❤️ 





Water Water everywhere.

Water in the rain clouds, Water in the pool

Water in the small streams                                                                       My toy boat looks so cool.

It’s raining BLUE





The green.

Ah green.                                                                         Sight for sore eyes.

The hills are alive with the colour green and we cannot get enough. So many different shades and all so beautiful and surreal. It hardly takes any time for everything to turn from brown to green and while it may be elementary, it is no less enchanting.

The magic of GREEN




Birthday Bunnies and the Art of Eating Cake.

I am inclined to believe that eating cake is an art form. You don’t come into it… you are born with it.



As a little child the whole excitement of a birthday party was the cake. Now of course you get presents back home, parties have themes, the themes have themes and birthdays have evolved to become a mini wedding, the budgets of which can feed a small nation.

We adore birthday parties. My babies play all the games, eat all the goodies and really don’t care if they win any prizes or not. They are just happy to be invited…of course they love to eat the cake, and if it includes a serving of ice-cream they are super happy campers.

These two are like the Easter Bunny on steroids meets the Duracell energiser pink Bunny. They are such a delight to take out because they have the uncanny ability to enjoy each and every moment offered to them.

From now on let them be known as –

The Birthday Bunnies who are just doing their thang.

Never a dull moment with these two.. and thank god for that. Amen!



Butterfly, Butterfly. Flutterby, Flutterby.

In many cultures around the world the Butterfly symbolises old souls. Some say they are lucky, others think they signify impending doom. Whose to say anything! But, the day we brought my new born son home from the hospital  – a butterfly casually strolled into my house with an agenda to welcome him into this world.

Old Friends they were.


Our weekends at Narnia are usually blessed with lots of animals, insects and sometimes punctuated by the dreaded reptile.

But last weekend we got the Butterflies.

Hundreds of cocoons were hiding behind leafy greens and then they arrived. I have never seen so many of them. The kids had a field day running behind them, playing with them, giving them cute names ( though, I couldn’t tell any of them apart)

Then came this moment. This cheeky little butterfly flew right past my son as if to give him a scare, then, on second thought turned around, flew back to him and gave him a peck on his cheek.

These two definitely knew each other from a time long, long, ago.

Hair Nets: The new hair accessory you knew nothing about.

Over the weekend we visited our dear friend Shahruk’s bakery Puffs & Rolls in a small city near Bombay.

My kids are an enthusiastic bunch. Anything and everything gets them over-excited and it hardly takes any effort for them to fall into giggles. But this love affair was instant, the children could not help but fall in love with the smell and exhilarating feeling of being around things oh so delectable and utterly delicious.


It takes a very different kind of person not to love the smell of freshly baked bread and newly rolled out dougnuts.

Thankfully we ain’t that kind of people.


So we wore these über cool hair accessories, went for a Tour-De- Puffs & Rolls and ate and ate till we could eat no more.

…and then we ate some




Top Children Books.

Nothing is as fashionable as a…



I love to read. I can read almost anything and everything and this is a habit I most definitely want to inculcate in my children. As of now they love to hear me read aloud to them.

I hope that love affair continues for ever.

Here are a few of our most favourite children books. This age group caters to a younger audience but if anyone would like a list of books for an older audience please feel free to write on the comments section below or email.


These super-mega-awesome flap books are so -so perfect for little curious minds. My son never really took to them but my 2 year old daughter loves them. She sits with them for a long while just opening all the different flaps and asking all kinds of questions. A great interactive book as well.




We have a whole collection of these fun, happy and amazingly cute books. These are my sons absolute favourite and he has proudly proclaimed that ” I will never get tired of my Mr. Men books”



The quintessential go-to books that all mothers love that teach important topics to the child. I am no different. These books are educational, interesting  and because they rhyme the children love to sit down and hear the whole book.




Right now we have only 2 of these amazing books but I do plan on getting more of them.  Both my children ask a zillion questions a day ( I am not exaggerating) and these books help provide some of the answers I have absolutely no idea about.




This one can be changed with another all time household favourite –  absolute favourite, Alice In Wonderland.  This book really needs no introduction. I have the pop-up version and it’s fantastic.