Birthday parties & more



So when both your children are born in the same month you do the only logical thing.

You have one birthday party!

Atleast until you can.

So we filled up a big red bus and took all of our friends to Narnia


We plucked veggies from the vegetable patch


We ate candies from the candy shoppe


We swam till we wrinkled up and became one with a prune

And we decorated the whole farm like it was our very own Wonderland.

T’was the best birthday ever!








Our farmhouse “Narnia”

Once we decided to invest in our farmhouse we never looked back. Just 2 hours from the hustle bustle of Bombay City ..

..enter through the gates of Narnia. You will meet fairies and goblins and eat cupcakes with the pixies.

Aslan will come.

Just don’t wait up.



Little Miss Peggy P and Master BlueBerry unlimited.

This is the post excerpt.

..and off the rocket ship they came

Welcome to my World!


My little munchkins arrived all wrapped in blue and pink in 2013 and 2015…

… and what a package they were! Delicious, Delectable and so, so, so fun to hang with.

Any new mother will tell you that fashion is the absolute last thing on a moms mind. The sleepless nights, the 2am, 3am, 4 am feeds, the relentless noise these little potatoes make! So like any new mom i really didn’t care what they wore, how they dressed (forget them, i looked like Jabba the Hutt for while and everyone knows how attached one gets to the pregnancy weight; to lose it would definitely cause withdrawals )

But now that my babies are more independent, have cute little idiosyncrasies of their own,


with their clothes

with their hair

and generally have a blast with their unique personalities.

Hope i encourage you all to break the plaid shackles, throw the gingham checks and leave those tutus behind and follow me down the rabbit hole where we find a rabbit that talks, a hookah smoking caterpillar and a very fashionable Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Through The Looking Glass is a nice way to see the world 🙂

I hope you are excited to meet Monsieur BlueBerry and Madame Peggy P

they are ballet dancers one minute – the next they are naughty monkeys.

Such joy to grow up again with them.